Step By Step

Step By Step

A “STEP-BY-STEP” account is designed for minors between the ages of 0-15 years, with the aim of developing an early savings habit. It also educates holders on the value of money and the importance of “Saving Today for a Brighter Tomorrow”.

Step-By-Step accounts make an ideal gift for any child in your life.

Sign up today, by just completing a Step-by-Step membership application form along with Birth Certificate and $5.00 deposit.


Original Documents/Certified Copies.

A. Child:

  • Birth Certificate issued by Civil Registry
  • School ID (Signed By Principal)
  • Passport
  • Must Be 1 Day – 15 Years Old

B. Parent/Originator/Legal Guardian:

  • One (1) Valid Government IDs
  • Adoption Documents – (For Adoptive Parents)
  • Guardianship Documents – (For Legal Guardian)

C. Opening Deposit

  • $5.00 XCD Minimum

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