Building a home is a dream come true and that’s why National Farmers & General Workers Co-operative Credit Union Society Ltd is dedicated to providing our members with the most effective financial service and assistance. You are guaranteed to receive a plan that will get you on the right path, from the beginning of your loan application to end result of your home. You can trust that N.F.G.W.C.C.U.S. will be there with you every step of the way. We also provide mortgages for land and other properties.

Land Purchase Requirements:

  • Vendor’s letter stating selling price
  • Valuation of property from certified quantity surveyor
  • Copy of land register (recent)
  • Copy of vendor’s Deed of sale
  • Copy of survey plan
  • Life Insurance assigned to Credit Union
  • Copy of map sheet
  • Income tax clearance & property tax clearance ( purchaser & vendor)
  • Nic Compliance ( purchaser & vendor)
  • Fund for legal fees& bank charges.
  • Required Share Deposit
  • Job Letter
  • Salary Slip
  • Salary Deduction

House and Land Purchase Requirements:

  • Valuation of property from certified quantity surveyor
  • copy of land register(recent)
  • Copy of Deed Of Sale
  • Approved Plan from DCA
  • Copy Of Survey Plan
  • Life Insurance / Property insurance assigned to Credit Union
  • Income Tax Clearance & Property tax clearance
  • Nic compliance
  • Contractor’s estimated cost of construction
  • Open Bill\ Estimate for materials
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Funds for legal fee & Bank Charges

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