Business Loan

At N.F.G.W.C.C.U.S. we offer solutions to assist with the daily money management of your business. Our aim is to make your job easier by providing convenient, affordable and great service which our members have come to expect.


  • Business Certificate
  • License To Operate
  • Income/Expenditure Records (One (1) Year) e.g. Bank Statements/Balance Sheets
  • Business Proposal (New Businesses Only)
  • Required Share Deposit

Micro Credit Loan or “Ti-Lajan

These are hassle free loans that are opened to members whether fully employed or self-employed who
have limited access to funds.


      • Business Certificate
      • License To Operate
      • Sales Books
      • Purchase Books
      • Open Bill / Quotation
      • Required Share Deposit
      • Job Letter
      • Salary Slip
      • Salary Deduction

“Borrow Smart, From The Start”

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